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Who We Are

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Nana Akosua Mwangazaa

Founder , KDACI

Nana Akosua Mwangazaa has been a student of African traditional culture for over 30 years. In 2011 she became an Okomfo, a consecrated minister in the order of Nana Akonnedi located in Larteh, Kubease, Ghana, West Africa. She is dedicated to Nana Esi, an ancestor spirit whose mission is to heal, nurture and nourish human beings who are in spiritual need. Nana Esi is the mother spirit to us all.


Nana Akosua’s principal teacher was Bukor Okomfohene Nana Kwabena Brown, along with Nana Nsia Dennis, Bukor Iya Mari Brown and Wofa Kwasi Yeboah Daaku. Her post-graduate training has included teachings from Nana Kwasi Oppong and Elder Malidoma Some. She currently provides spiritual consultations and accompanying healing services through her shrine house, Ogya Fie.

Nana Akosua is the Founder of the Kwasi Daaku Akan Cultural Institute. In addition, Nana Akosua is a licensed Acupuncturist (2006), certified Herbalist (2017), certified Color Therapist (1998), Pranic Healer (Ms. Ernestine Mitchner [1988]), and Reiki Master (lineage Ms. Ethel Lombardi (1980) and Rev. AdaRa Walton [2001]).

Nana Akosua Mwangazaa strives each day to serve and help the people as a teacher and healer.

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Nana Kwasi Oppong

Workshop & Ritual Facilitator

Nana Kwasi Oppong is an initiated Okomfo (a priest of the Ghanaian spiritual tradition) of over 40 years and has had lifelong exposure to healing work by working in the shrines of his father and his maternal and paternal grandfathers. Nana Oppong is from the town of Oyoko, located in the Ashanti region of Ghana, West Africa; he currently resides in New York City.

Nana performs his work on two continents. Nana Oppong is the Okomfo Panyin of Aduro Ye Akomfo Fie of Koforidua, Ghana, where he possesses Nana Asuo Adesua, Nana Kwaku Odaaku, Nana Sankofa Amoa, Obaa Panyin Asuo Yaa and Oba Fen. He has initiated many African Americans in the U.S. and the Caribbean. His mission is to bring the gifts of traditional spiritual practices to the diaspora. Nana Oppong is a master herbalist (Odusane) and a very skilled minister of ritual healing work and accurately communicating with Spirit. He is honest, open, and generous--all important qualities in a teacher of the spiritual sciences.

Let’s not forget to mention that Nana Oppong was one of the people who Wofa Kwasi helped to get settled in the US. It wasn’t long before Nana Oppong became one of the information resources for Wofa Kwasi and one of Wofa’s best friends. We are blessed to have him perform the auspicious ritual of the Akonnua Tumtum.

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Nana Kwasi Oppong
Nana Akosua Baakan
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