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Ancestor Stool and Family Shrine Workshop and Ritual


We have entered a time when each of us can, even has the obligation to, develop our greatest emotional, mental, and intuitive potential. There are many obstacles and roadblocks. How do we successfully protect ourselves and nurture this potential? A key ingredient is with the support and advice of our family. The Akonnua Tumtum is an important part of the Akan extended family. The Akonnua Tumtum means black stool. It is the stool of the ancestors. It facilitates clear communication between this world and the next. It connects us to the most skilled, wise, and loving family ancestors.

You and your family receive the consecrated stool, the protocols, and the support of the growing community of families that have the Akonnua Tumtum. Senior practitioners facilitate the process and help you to embark upon the journey of Sankofa—go back and fetch all that belongs to you, especially in your culture. Step into your power.

The Akonnua Tumtum is accompanied by a deity shrine. They work together; the Ancestors guide and the shrine manifests. In addition to the installation of the Akonnua Tumtum each participant learns about the ancestors, methods of connecting, protocols for calling the Ancestors, how to care for.



  • 4 90-minute workshop Q&A sessions
  • Full-day ritual to consecrate the ancestor stool and family shrine
  • Ancestor stool & family shrine
  • 3 practice or follow up sessions
  • Unlimited support for answers to questions
  • Membership in the group of others who have the Akonnua Tumtum

Ancestor Stool and Family Shrine Workshop and Ritual

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