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Soul Cloak Ritual


In Akan theology, Ɔkra is the word for our soul. It comes from the word “kra” which means to leave, farewell. The Akan knew that when we were born we left a place to come here and that one day we would return. Through our father’s and mother’s spirits, that is, through the father’s ntoro and the mother’s mogya, we each receive a vehicle that encapsulates the soul. It is called the sumsum. Often people will use the 2 terms interchangeably. Our precious Ɔkra knows what we are supposed to do and knows what we are supposed to learn. For that reason, it is important to communicate with it and take care of it. The methods for fulfilling these obligations are discussed in this workshop.

KNOW THYSELF is quite a literal concept. As part of this work, you will receive a soul cloak. The ritual of the ƆkrafoƆ or soul cloak will be performed. Regular use of the ƆkrafoƆ helps you to communicate with your soul, to understand the mission you have been given, and to establish clear communications with the Other World. Using the ƆkrafoƆ is a path to spiritual growth as established by Akan people.



  • 90-minute workshop Q&A session
  • Ritual to consecrate the ƆkrafoƆ
  • ƆkrafoƆ
  • 3 practice or follow up sessions
  • Unlimited support for answers to questions
  • Membership in the group of others who have the ƆkrafoƆ



Soul Cloak Ritual and Workshop

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